I am Dr. Sandy Garcia, a Functional Medicine Physician with 22 years of experience in clinical practice. My hope is that you have come here to cultivate fertile ground. I am here to embark on this journey with you by incorporating functional integrative lifestyle modalities. 


Seasons change as we do-in the process of fertility, soil needs to be cleared to create the space for new fertile  growth.

So we too must clear our soil.

In order to receive new life, we must be open to receiving.

Dropping back, letting go and resting in observation-

This weeding, allows us time, space and energy to receive- supporting us in creating a new chapter.

Just like weeding the garden, we can weed our life.


Free Initial Consultation

We want to get you and your family on the right track so fast that we throw in a free initial consultation with one of our doctors. Not only will they help you figure out what’s going wrong, but if it turns out this isn’t going to work for you, there really is no cost involved at all!

Fertility One-on-One Consultations

You are ready to start a family and you’re ready to explore the best fertility doctors for one-on-one weekly consultations. Dr. Sandy Garcia is an MD with expertise in IVF prep, functional medicine, reproductive endocrinology, and women’s health.

If you want an identity beyond convenience (dare we say “cold”) clinic visits where many patients are reduced to numbers or statistics on the board behind closed doors before or after work hours, then Fertile Ground MD is made for you! Customized care packages include initial consults with Dr. Garcia followed by regular consultations that fit your schedule.

Functional Nutrition

Fertile Ground MD Clinic offers a full range of functional medicine and nutrition services to address acute and chronic issues, as well as support fertility.

Troubled by itchy scalp or ever wonder why you have eczema-prone skin? We offer comprehensive evaluations for nutrient deficiencies that might be present in your diet. Our clinic also helps clients with gluten sensitivities take steps toward healing from this damaging food. What’s more, we provide guidance for those who are focused on the lifestyle changes that will facilitate weight loss or maintain weight loss success. From overcoming Lyme disease to establishing wellness from thyroid disease, calcium depletion, infertility challenges—we help individuals find their fertile ground!

About me

Sandy Garcia, M.D. is board certified in Pediatrics and a fellowship trained Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist with extensive training in Functional and Integrative Medicine. She is a member of The Institute of Functional Medicine.

During her 22 years practicing as a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician, she noticed an increasing amount of children presenting with significant medical conditions including severe allergies, eczema, asthma, gastrointestinal disturbances, and neurological disorders. Her own experience having a child with Ezcema and allergies, prompted her to study functional medicine to understand the root cause of these conditions.

Dr. Garcia experienced challenges with fertility, sending her on an eleven year journey to fertility, and a healthy term pregnancy- She studied Functional and integrative approaches to achieve fertility utilizing Functional and Integrative approaches to achieve fertility and a healthy and term baby at age 52.

She is a solo Mom to a fabulously healthy and thriving 3 year old Leela and lives in Austin Texas.

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